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All modern central air conditioning systems have one thing in common: extreme heat. The fact is, most conventional air conditioners just can’t keep up and tirelessly work harder and longer to cool your home. As a result, your AC unit may not last long and you might have unreasonably high electric bills.

Without some help from Cool-n-Save, it’ll be hard for your system to keep up. Our “Pre-Cool Shield” cools the air around your AC unit. Inside the shield, the air temperature can be 30° lower than surrounding air. If the ambient air temperature is 98°F, Cool-n-Save mist will knock it down to approximately 68°. How can you be sure Cool-n-Save will work? Check out this study from Tulane University.

Cool-n-Save has also earned a TechAmerica High-Tech Innovation Award for Green Engineering from Harvey Mudd College. We were humbled to achieve this award and it further solidified our approach to pre-cooling.

Rest assured, you can trust Cool-n-Save to help you significantly reduce energy consumption. What are you waiting for?

Get your Cool-n-Save today so your AC can work efficiently, even on those hot summer days!

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What Others Are Saying…

Ridiculously Brilliant – This is such a ridiculously simple concept, I can’t believe it’s not just everywhere. It was VERY easy to install.

Michael Behr - Amazon ReviewMichael B., Orlando, FL

This product really works. My AC used to run non stop all day long. Now, it will turn off about 20 minutes of every hour. It’s made a big difference.

Dimce G., Cincinnati, OH

Cool-n-Save definitely helped cool my home throughout the summer and I saved over $300 on my bills!

Kristen K., Newport Beach, CA

I can’t believe a product that is so simple can make such a difference! Electric bill is down, my daily AC runtime is down and my house cools off so much faster. This product is a game changer and a must have in Louisiana.

David K., Baton Rouge, LA

Cool-n-Save works great. Period. I can’t believe how much money I wasted paying the power company before buying it.

Jim D., Orlando, FL