Our Patented Chemical Filter - "Cool Release" 3-Month Filter - Cool-n-Save AC Misting

Our Patented Chemical Filter – “Cool Release” 3-Month Filter


We recommend that you replace expended cartridges (every season) to ensure trouble-free benefits of Cool-n-Save®. We do not recommend using Cool-n-Save without a functioning Cool Release water treatment cartridge. Even if your home is equipped with a water softening system, some particulates and sediment could remain and clog the micro mist nozzles.


1 x three-month Cool Release cartridge


The Cool Release 3-Month Cartridge is an advanced in-line water treatment system designed to control scaling that may occur due to mineral deposits that are in your water. One cartridge is included with a standard Cool-n-Save® kit. We recommend that you replace expended cartridges to ensure trouble-free benefits of Cool-n-Save. Cool Release chemically neutralizes common sediment and other chemicals found in your water that could clog the micro nozzles. Non-toxic water treatment agents prevent scale-forming calcium molecules from attaching to surfaces. Treated minerals are dispersed through the water and washed away with minimal adhesion to critical components of your air conditioner. Click here for Cool Release installation and maintenance documentation.

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 8 in

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