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Instantly Save up to 30% on your Air Conditioning costs with Cool-N-Save
Conserving energy can save you money. It's a fact. The key to maximizing your return is finding products like Cool-n-Save® that offer fast savings at a low price point.


Consider that a single Cool-n-Save® provides the monthly savings of 38 compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs). Let's work some simple math.

  • 1 x $99.95 Cool-n-Save® = $99.95
  • 38 x $7.99 GE® CFL Globe Bulb = $303.62

According to Portland General Electric replacing your fluorescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs takes 23 months, nearly two years, to offer you a return on your investment. Why? Compact fluorescent bulbs are still pricey purchases.

Because of the efficiency of the Cool-n-Save®, combined with its low price point, you can actually see a return on your investment in as little as one month. Estimate your monthly savings, using our online tool, or start saving today by ordering your very own Cool-n-Save®


Save up to 30% on your Air Conditioning costs with Cool-N-Save

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If your home has an AC unit there's NO reason you shouldn't own a Cool-n-Save®.

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Saves up to 30% instantly on your AC costs!
Uses less than 6 Cents of water per day!
Easy 5 step install with no tools!

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