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Cool-n-Save® Support Center

Cool-n-Save® system is not misting properly

If your Cool-n-Save® system is not misting properly, there are several things to check:

  1. Are the misting nozzles clogged?

    • Although rare, misting nozzles can become clogged by mineral deposits in hard water areas. Read our maintenance section to learn more about how to remove these deposits.

    • When you installed your Cool-n-Save® system, did you make sure to run water through the system for a full 20 seconds before installing the misting nozzles? Sometimes debris from manufacturing or handling can clog the precise misting nozzles of the Cool-n-Save® system, and it is important to flush out the system before adding the misting nozzles. Read our installation section for more information.

    • If you have tried everything suggested in our maintenance and installation sections and the nozzles are still not misting properly, it is possible that they are irrecoverably clogged. If this is the case, replacement nozzles are available for order.

  2. Is your water supply working properly?

    • If it appears no water is making it to the Cool-n-Save® system, you must check to make sure the water spigot it is attached to is working properly. Remove the Cool-n-Save® hose adaptor and turn on the water spigot. If water does not flow, first fix your plumbing issues, then reattach the Cool-n-Save® system .

Cool-n-Save® valve flap isn't working

If your Cool-n-Save® valve flap is not raising itself when your AC unit turns on:

  1. Check the valve mechanism

    • Although the Cool-n-Save® system is designed to hold up to outdoor use, it is possible the control valve has become stuck. Manually move the flap up and down to make sure it moves freely and easily through its whole range of motion.

    • Inspect the valve mechanism to ensure it has not become fouled with leaves, sticks, or other outdoors debris. Carefully remove anything that is keeping the Cool-n-Save® control valve from working properly.

  2. Is your Cool-n-Save® control valve flap properly positioned?

    • When installing the Cool-n-Save® system, it is important to properly align the valve. Some AC condensers have varied air output areas, so before installing Cool-n-Save®, place your hands over your running AC condenser and determine where the area of greatest airflow is. This is where the control valve flap must be located to ensure it turns itself on and off effectively. Visit our installation section for more detailed instructions.
If your Cool-n-Save® control valve flap is down with the AC unit off and it is still misting:
  1. To fix this problem

    • Spray the pin valve with a spray lubricant and move the flap up and down a few times manually. This should fix the problem and allow the control valve to shut off properly.

Lost Cool-n-Save® installation instructions

If you have misplaced your Cool-n-Save® installation instructions and box, full instructions are available in our installation section.

How do I take care of my Cool-n-Save®?

The Cool-n-Save® is designed to be almost maintenance free. However, there are a few simple things you can do to ensure your system is working most efficiently.

  1. Routine maintenance

    • The Cool-n-Save® can suffer from a buildup of minerals in certain hard water areas. Removing the misting nozzles and soaking them in a calcium , lime, rust reducing agent, will restore them to maximum effectiveness. Learn more in our maintenance section.

    • It is not necessary to remove the Cool-n-Save® control valve "flapper" from the AC condenser during winter months. However, before freezing temperatures arrive, it is recommended to turn off the water supply to the Cool-n-Save® and empty all the water from the feed line and misting arms. This ensures the water does not freeze and crack or break any part of the system. Learn more in our frequently asked questions section.

Misting arms are too long

The Cool-n-Save® installation instructions specify that the misting arms hang approximately 4 inches over the edge of the AC unit, and point slightly up and away. Depending on your AC configuration, the supplied misting arms may be too long.

Cool-n-Save® misting arms are designed to be bendable and stay where you put them. If you find they are too long, you may trim them with standard wire-cutters. Be careful not to trim too much off the misting arms, leaving yourself plenty of leeway to position the arms for maximum effectiveness. Also, be sure to wear eye protection when doing this or any home improvement task.

Hose adaptor / valve leaking

The Cool-n-Save® is designed to be very water efficient, and generally uses less than 6 cents of water per day. Any leaks in the system will reduce its efficiency.

  1. Hose adaptor leaks

    • If leaks occur at the water spigot, turn off the water, remove the Cool-n-Save® hose adaptor, and make sure the rubber washer is properly seated. Once the washer has been adjusted, re-attach the hose adaptor and tighten fully.

  2. Valve unit leaks

    • If leaks are occuring on the base unit itself, first turn off the water supply to the Cool-n-Save®. Carefully inspect all the tubes going into the main valve, ensuring they are tightly seated and approximately 1/2-inch is inserted. The tubes should fit tightly, so you may have to twist and push the tubes firmly until they are properly inserted. See our installation section for more tips.

AC Unit Support

Will Cool-n-Save® work with my AC unit?

Air Conditioner requirements for Cool-N-Save compatabilityThe Cool-n-Save® system is designed to easily install on the vast majority of AC condensers. In order to work effectively, the Cool-n-Save® requires only two things from an AC condenser unit:

  1. Top air exchange vents

    • Most AC units exhaust receive air through vents at the top of the unit. A large fan draws air across the condenser's metal fins and blows it through the top vents. Cool-n-Save® will only work on top-vented AC units.

  2. Motor mount plate in the middle of the top cover

    • The motor mount plate is the section of the AC unit that holds the fan motor. Generally, this is located directly in the center of the top of the AC unit. Since this is where the Cool-n-Save® is mounted, your AC unit must have a center located mounting plate.

Buildup on AC condenser

Under certain conditions, mineral deposits may occur with the Cool-n-Save®. Although the micro-mist evaporates almost instantly, some wetness may reach the coils resulting in calcium and/or lime buildup.This is particularly prevalant in areas with excessively hard water.

  • To remove any mineral buildup, spray down your condenser with 50/50 mixture of water and white vinegar or lemon concentrate cleaner, and rinse with clean water. This will dissolve away any mineral buildup, and is a good idea whether you are using a Cool-n-Save® or not.

To learn more, visit our maintenance section.

Cool-n-Save® Ordering Support

How much does Cool-n-Save® cost?

Cool-n-Save® is available for $99.95, plus shipping and handling. You can order through our secure online store.

What comes with the Cool-n-Save® System?

Cool-N-Save: Package ContentsCool-n-Save® comes to your door with everything you need to start saving money, immediately.

  • 1x Cool-n-Save® Control Valve
  • 3x 2' Misting Arms
  • 3x Professional Misting Nozzles
  • 1x Cool-n-Save® Water Treatment Filter
  • 1x 20' Water Feed Line
  • 1x Garden Hose Adaptor

Where can I purchase accessories and replacement parts for my Cool-n-Save® System?

You can order accessories and replacement parts for your Cool-n-Save® through our secure online store.


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