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Instantly Save up to 30% on your Air Conditioning costs with Cool-N-Save

The Cool-n-Save® AC Pre-Cooling Misting System requires very little maintenance to keep your air conditioning system running at top efficiency. However, there are a regular maintenance routines which will maximize the lifespan of your Cool-n-Save® as well as keep your AC condenser free of any buildup and running more efficently.

Air Conditioning System Maintenance

Cool-n-Save® evaporates almost instantly, however in some rare conditions, you may notice slight calcium, lime, or rust buildup on the AC fins and/or coils.

Monthly AC unit preventative maintenance will not only dramatically help cut down on any buildup, but will increase the overall efficiency of your condenser. Once a month, we recommend a simple spray down of the outside of your AC condenser coils with a 50/50 mixture of water and white vinegar or lemon concentrate cleaner and rinse it off with clean water at normal household water pressure. This will remove any mineral buildup on your AC condenser, and keep your Air Conditioning System working at top efficiency.

This simple routine is a good idea with or without the Cool-n-Save® attached, as all condensers can accumulate buildup through normal use. This simple procedure once a month will help keep your system in tip-top condition.

Cool-n-Save® Misting System Maintenance

Though unusual, it is possible that one or more of the Cool-n-Save® Misting System Nozzles can become clogged in very hard water areas.

If your nozzles are not performing properly, simply turn off the water supply to the Cool-n-Save® and remove the clogged misting nozzles. Soak the nozzles in a calcium, lime, rust reducing agent product for about 5 minutes, rinse, and replace into the misting arms, and turn your water source back on.


Save up to 30% on your Air Conditioning costs with Cool-N-Save

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