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Greenwashing and How To Avoid It

What is "Greenwashing?"

The practice of companies making their products appear to be environmentally sound by putting them in green packages, claiming they are biodegradable (when they are not), etc.

"Greenwash" is a term used to describe the act of misleading consumers regarding the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product or service. The term "Green Sheen" has similarly been used to describe organizations which attempt to appear that they are adopting practices beneficial to the environment.

How to Avoid "Greenwashed" Products

Our brief list of 12 questions helps you quickly identify if a product is green or greenwashed. If the manufacturer doesn't publish their answers to these questions up front then you'll need to contact them directly. For your convenience we've published our answers.

  1. Is the product produced locally to minimize emerge used for transport?
    Yes, each Cool-n-Save® is manufactured in Simi Valley, California, USA. less then 75 miles from our current shipping faculty.
  2. Does your product come from renewable resources?
    Not all of the energy used to manufacture Cool-n-Save® is from renewable resources, but the valve housing, paddle, and water treatement cartridge case is manufactured with recycled plastics..
  3. Does the company recycle or reclaim materials used in manufacturing?
    Yes, our parent company, Greenway Design Group follows a robust recycling program.
  4. Is it made without toxic ingredients, thereby reducing the production and release of toxic/hazardous emissions?
    The Cool-n-Save® manufacturing process, based on recycled plastics, produces no toxic/hazardous emissions.
  5. During its manufacture, were efforts made to recover materials for reuse or recycling to minimize solid and waterborne wastes?
    Yes, we currently recycle waste plastic materials.
  6. Is it packaged minimally or in recycled-content packaging?
    Yes, we focus on minimal packaging for the Cool-n-Save® but it's not uncommon to have your Cool-n-Save® delivered in recycle-content packaging as well.
  7. Is it of good design and quality, made to last a long time?
    Yes, absolutely. A Cool-n-Save® is designed to last for six years in constant outdoor exposure.
  8. Is it the most energy-efficient and clean (producing zero or low-atmospheric emissions) product of its kind available?
    Yes, absolutely.
  9. Is it adaptable, and can its life be extended to meet changing needs and tastes through upgrading or refurbishing?
    Yes, Cool-n-Save® works with over 95% of the residential central AC units in the US today. Furthermore our device can be easily extended using our accessory kits to handle your needs as they may change from house to house or AC unit to AC unit.
  10. Can it be recycled or remanufactured at the end of its life?
    Yes, the plastic components of your Cool-n-Save® can be recycled. A Cool-n-Save® is about 95% recyclable plastic.
  11. Does the manufacturing plant utilize energy saving systems and procedures for production operations?
    Not yet — but we're working on it.
  12. Does the manufacturer accept responsibility for refurbishing or recycling at the end of its useful life? (This applies to resource and energy intensive products that pose significant waste liabilities)
    Not yet — we'd like to recycle old units, but green also must be sustainable.

It's easy to prevent greenwashed products from fooling you by simply becoming an informed consumer.


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