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Instantly Save up to 30% on your Air Conditioning costs with Cool-N-Save
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Did you know? One Cool-n-Save® system can save as much energy as 38 CFL Light Bulbs

"Getting Green" or "Going Green" means more than ever in today's environmentally challenging times. Consumers everywhere are looking for ways to reduce their Carbon Footprint on the planet that so dearly needs some eco-friendly help.

Greenway Design Group, Inc. had this in mind when we invented the Cool-n-Save® system. Cool-n-Save® is an easy and affordable solution that will impact the consumer market on many levels. It is an opportunity for the average homeowner to "do their part" for the environment and make a conscious decision to save energy and reduce their carbon footprint. It's a smart thing to do and it also helps to put a little "green" back in your pocket. That's because the Cool-n-Save® system not only makes environmental sense, it also makes financial sense because Cool-n-Save® can save you a substantial amount of money on your electric bill.

Independent and laboratory studies have shown that by installing a Cool-n-Save® system you can save as much as 30% on your AC's energy consumption. Air Conditioning can add up to almost 90% of your electric bill during the hottest months. It adds up to a much more efficient appliance that will equate to more energy saved and more money in your pocket. "Going Green" never seemed so easy.

So make sure you always reduce, reuse, recycle, always avoid greenwashers and if you have a central air conditioner, install a Cool-n-Save® today and do your part to help make energy conservation in your world, a reality.

Are you curious how much you could be saving with a Cool-n-Save® system?

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Save up to 30% on your Air Conditioning costs with Cool-N-Save

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Saves up to 30% instantly on your AC costs!
Uses less than 6 Cents of water per day!
Easy 5 step install with no tools!

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