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Instantly Save up to 30% on your Air Conditioning costs with Cool-N-Save

I appreciate your fast response, if more people in this country would do business this way it would be a much better place to live.

Again thank you very much and I will be buying at least 1 more unit in the future and telling everyone about you.

Thanks, G.F. Kruse, Greenville, Texas

Your invention has been a big help in our home. We purchased a new A/C unit last summer yet did not really see the results we had hoped on our energy bills. Although, the new system has given my family great comfort in the hot Texas weather, It ran far too often for my level of satisfaction.

When I heard your radio show on WBAP, I became an instant believer and ordered promptly. Your invention, coupled with 12-15 inches of new attic insulation has proven itself immediately. I can honetly say that my energy bills have been lower than every neighbor I have spoken to in the month of June by over $100.00 per month. You will undoubtedly see a few more sales from my neighborhood !

Regards, D. Szymanowski, Arlington, Texas

I have to say that since installing the device the house has been cooler, and this month's electric bill was about the same as last month and this month was an extremely hot month compared to the previous one. My wife is disabled and in need of a lower house temperature, so the help the Cool-n-Save® provides in these hot months is greatly appreciated.

T. Hohmann, Tempe, Arizona

Thanks for your interest in my opinion of your product. It has definitely made a difference in the capability of my air con unit. the duct temperature is about 7 degrees cooler with your unit on. I set my thermostat at 76 and on extremely hot days the house temperature would climb to 79-82 degrees with the compressor running constantly. With your unit, the compressor still runs all the time but the temperature will hold at 76-77 degrees. When the outside temp is more reasonable, the unit cycles off more often which obviously will save me money.

T. Jackson, Waco, Texas

I am sending you this note to let you know how wonderfully impressed I am with the coolnsave. It is the best invention I have ever seen . The electric bills are lower; the house is much cooler and we absolutely love it.

Thank you so much for your invention!

M. F. Kerkvliet, Fort Worth, Texas

I received your E-mail on July 26 Th and thought this is the way to run a business, by reaching out and touching your customers. I installed the unit and we were very pleased to find the house feels cooler, and the a/c unit running time is shorter with the Cool-n-Save® installed.

We ordered our unit on June 18, '05 and we received it within five business days. I ordered the extra set of nozzles and the filter. I'm a retired Inst. Tech. from the Petrol- Chemical Industry and I want to tell you anyone can install the Cool-n-Save® device.

Thank you, G. Cowart, Kemah, Texas

I wanted to contact you about the flapper valve on my unit. I have to let you know how happy we were with the energy savings we have experienced in the short time we have had your product. It more than paid for itself in just the first month of use. We were skeptical about the claims but I have told many of my friends about your product and how happy we are with it. I don't want to be without that flapper valve.

E. Foster

The Cool-n-Save® units are working great. My son-in-law told me his unit definitely blows colder and runs shorter. I know mine does. My thermostat used to cool to the set point and shut off. Now it is a degree below set point by the time it shuts down.

Heard you on WBAP couple of weeks ago on the way home from work and kept saying "A-men" to your statements. Keep up the great work

Thanks Again, D. Prewitt, Dallas, Texas

I swear, me and Charlie kept saying last night that the air felt colder coming out of the vents! And it was obvious that our 3 dogs noticed it, we have a Toy Fox Terrier, a Basenji, and our 93 lb. Rhodesian Ridgeback, Remedy, who was our biggest concern when the inside temps stayed 80* and above, they're all A/C babies, and all would be panting like crazy. This is a great idea, and I'll e-mail you when we get the next electric bill. Any extra fishing money is a plus!

L & C Gonzalez, Galveston, Texas



Save up to 30% on your Air Conditioning costs with Cool-N-Save

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